Q: Is Title Insurance available in Belize?

A: Title Insurance can be obtained through Stewart Title Company (Stewart International) and First American Corporation.

Q: What is the process for subdividing the property in Belize?

A:  Working through the Physical Planning Section (PPS) and the Land Utilization Authority (LUA), the application for subdivision is a two-step process. First an application is made for Provisional Approval.  Once granted, this approval enables the applicant to secure the services of a surveyor for the purpose of carrying out the survey. The resultant plan must then be authenticated.  Whenever the plan is authenticated the applicant can then proceed to the Second step, and apply for Final Approval. The land-owner cannot legally transfer/sell the resulting parcel(s) or secure individual title documents for each until he receives Final Approval.

Q: Can a private airstrip be built on the property?

A: Yes, absolutely. Location is something that you would have to consider in terms of the project layout although current sites can be recommended based on past project experiences. Approval would need to be granted by the Aviation Committee or Airport Licensing Authority Board, which is part of the CIVIL AVIATION DEPARTMENT.

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