Little Belize & Neuland Reinlaender Mennonite Community (West):

An active farming community known as Old Order Mennonites who have a peculiar and conservative lifestyle. These particular mennonite communities of Little Belize and Neuland tend to keep to themselves. Like most insular corporate mennonite settlements, they have an economy thriving on farming, who interact with outsiders only enough to sell their wares.

The Mennonite corporation’s  vision for Belize does not include forests, low carbon development, wildlife, other biodiversity, clean water, healthy reefs, or the tourism industry.

Ambergris Caye (East):

The undisputed major tourist destination of Belize. In 2016, Belize saw a little over 385,000 Overnight tourists and over a 1 million Cruise ship tourists. It is estimated that around 1,500 to 2,000 tourists visit Ambergris Caye in peak season per day, not mentioning domestic tourists! Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize, and San Pedro Town is the only town on the island and flourishing with outdoor activities, ecotourism and luxurious resorts.

The last thirty years have led to a large growth in both the dive and scuba trade, and ecotourism. The rich variety of things to do in San Pedro Town makes Ambergris Caye the gateway to travel in this beautiful country. Ambergris Caye is 25 miles long, 3-4 ft above sea level, max point of elevation is 10 ft above sea level at San Pedro town, it is the end of the Yucatan peninsula.

Blackadore Caye (East):

Soon to be a major tourist destination, Blackadore Caye was purchased by well known actor, film producer and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2004. Despite previous obstacles, the restorative island project construction is to start in 2018 and become one of the world’s most exclusive island retreats.

Blackadore Caye is meant to be completely powered by renewable energy and designed to increase the biological health of species on the island and in the waters around it. The project will contain a world-class luxury hotel resort centered on health, wellness and sustainability, off-the-grid ‘living homes’ a research station on climate change and habitat impacts, leading restoration programs and more.

Maskall & Maruba Resort Jungle Spa (South):

Maskall is a village home to the well known Maruba Jungle Resort and Spa. The resort offers diving, fishing, and snorkeling tours to the aquatic haven that teems with life and is ready to be discovered. Maruba Resort Jungle Spa is the closest Jungle resort to Belize International Airport, (30 miles), a 45-minute drive, or about a one-hour boat ride from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Maskall is located approximately 19 kilometers in a line from Balam’s Southern border.

Bomba Village (South):

A little village with roughly 108 residents along the Northern River and has a dock. Bomba is located approximately 15 kilometers in a line from Balam’s Southern border.

Freshwater Creek Reserve / Honey Camp Lagoon (West):

In 2013, CSFI concentrated its efforts in saving Freshwater Creek Forest Reserve, which was in the process of being invaded by illegal agricultural activities, a situation that may have led to the downsizing or even de-reserving of the forest reserve. CSFI is convinced that there is a potential for sustainable forest management that is presently untapped in the area. To turn the crisis facing the hardwood species in northeastern Belize into an opportunity, CSFI proposes a holistic approach to managing Freshwater Creek FR and Honey Camp NP.

Shipstern Nature Reserve (North): 

A visit to Corozal, the North-East of Belize, allows for the discovery of a beautiful region still off the beaten track. Shipstern has traditionally been a magnet for those birders, naturalists and tourists ready to get off the beaten track.

Shipstern is connected to BJE through the Corozalito waterways, which are a labyrinth of scenic natural canals. Shipstern Nature Reserve is managed by The Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI) - who are dedicated to the protection and conservation of highly important ecosystems in Northeastern Belize, through effective vigilance, scientific research, education, outreach, stakeholder engagement, and the creation of sustainable economic opportunities for the benefit of the people of Belize. They offer lots of tours such as: Garden & Botanical Tours, birds watching tours, 4 and a half day hikes, fishing marine activities tour, night tours.